Our vision is to grow towards being a significant contributor to the design and development of quality places for living.


High-quality residential and commercial design must incorporate the principles of sustainability. At Tian An Australia, our commitment to quality means creating projects that deliver an outstanding quality of life – and key to this is ensuring we minimise the environmental impact of our developments, and maximise energy efficiency.

Our objective is always to support and nurture development which adheres to the principles:

  • Understanding the unique environmental profile of our development sites, through detailed surveys and studies.
  • Designing communities which work with and enhance the natural environment, and reduce potential impacts.
  • Planning good transport links and access to walking and cycling.
  • Encouraging a sense of community, with public spaces where residents can gather and get to know their neighbours.
  • Encouraging our architects and builders to consider orientation and solar passive principles in their home or unit designs.
  • Providing for genuine choice in housing types so that accessibility, life stages and affordability are all considered, creating broad and diverse communities.
  • Managing water as the precious resource it is, reducing water use on gardens, in public spaces and recreation areas and encouraging households to use less.
  • Reducing and controlling waste by encouraging builders to apply leading waste management principles.